• Business Model

WeLive.Eco Business Model

The Capital Expenditure for Volt Gardenis15LakhsINR+5% GST

Offerings include Solar PV+Structure+Roofing+ Flooring+Vertical garden Eco system+ Mechanical + Electrical + Plumbing

Charges extra for DC Appliances ecosystem + Electric Vehicle

Banks provide home improvement loan at8.4%for 15 years to install Volt Garden on terrace with an EMI of Rs 14683 per month


  • A 10 KW Solar PV System earns a revenue of Rs 8854 Per month through Battery Swapping and Charging solutions
  • An income of Rs 2000 per month can be expected from the Vertical Garden Produce
  • An income of 10K per month can be expected through Rent.
  • Hence a net income of~ Rs20000 can be expected from Month
  • The owner of Volt Garden ends up generating Rs 20000-Rs14683~ Rs 5000permonthwith Zero investment.
  • With added benefits of 90% savings on electric bill , water bill, LPG bill, Shady waterproofed rooftop and additional savings in fuel bill due to the usage of electric vehicle
  • Revenues for Distributor
  • Every Volt Garden sales shall fetch a one time revenue of Rs30000 INR
  • A geography of 10000 homes is allotted to a distributor
  • Post sales a revenue of Rs3000 can be expected as revenue per year per customer